Nuvus Blockchain ICO platform


The Nuvus Blockchain ICO platform is made easy for investors to invest in this groundbreaking ICO. Simply register as an Investor and you can choose the most simple way to Invest directly from your Ether Wallet or you can choose from many altcoins, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. Paypal also supported. Register - Invest - Receive the GETX tokens, it's really that simple!


Security is always our top priority. Within the Nuvus Blockchain ICO platform, your data is always secure and protected and the same obviously applies to your transactions and investment. Your personal documents will only be available for the persons handling KYC, and they will be deleted when they are no longer needed. Your investment will be stored in Ethereum blockchain through smart contract.

I Want To Participate!

I Already Have ETH

Invest directly and immediately from your existing Ethereum wallet.

I Have Other Fiat or Crypto Currencies

With our easy CoinPayments integration, you can quickly choose from a vast number of fiat or crypto currencies that will be converted to ETH and invested in ICO.